Motorcycle credit: Principles, Types and know about motorcycle dealership

Motorcycle credit is, like car credit, a form of loan allowing you to acquire a motorcycle without touching your capital. It is a form of consumer credit.

Motorcycle credit is less popular than car credit, but tends to increase due to the increase in motorcycle sales in recent years (229,364 motorcycles registered in 2007, 4% more than in 2006). Note the increase in the sale of scooters and 125 cc.


Types of motorcycle credit

motorcycle credit

Today there are several types of motorcycle loan, modeled on existing car loans. We have chosen to present three of them to you, those that we deemed the most interesting: the affected motorcycle credit, the personal motorcycle credit and rental with option to purchase (LOA).

Note that the only credit offered by a financing institution is the personal motorcycle credit, the affected motorcycle credit and the LOA being offered by your garage or dealer. The motorcycle will still have to democratize for your bank to develop this new type of loan dedicated to the motorcycle.


Motorcycle credit at the dealership

Motorcycle credit at the dealership

As with car credit, the dealer is most likely to make you financing offers tailored to your purchase. The proposals are immediate. He can offer you two types of credit: the affected motorcycle credit, and the rental sale type contract (or Rental with purchase option)

  • The motorcycle credit allocated concerns only new motorcycles. It is linked to the delivery and reception conditions of the vehicle: it allows you to start paying the monthly payments only when you have received your motorcycle. We advise you, even if it is not compulsory, to make a personal contribution: your TEG may drop substantially.

Note that your dealer receives a commission on each loan issued, it may be that negotiating it is difficult.

  • Rental with option to purchase (LOA) also only concerns new motorcycles. To obtain your motorbike, you pay a guarantee on the one hand, then become a “tenant” of it for a fixed period. At the end of this period, you have the choice whether or not to buy your vehicle, by paying a “buy-back option”, which is generally equal to the security deposit.

Note that this type of investment is particularly recommended for companies for accounting and tax reasons. The driver of the motorcycle is considered responsible in the event of theft or accident, although the tenant.


Motorcycle credit at the credit institution

Motorcycle credit at the credit institution

Personal motorcycle credit is issued by your bank, and is on the same conditions as a personal loan. You can buy a new or used motorcycle with this one. It will allow you to benefit from market conditions, and you can increase the amount you want: it is not allocated to a particular property. However, he cannot benefit from the loan cancellation guarantee in the case of a defective motorcycle.


Our advice

motorcycle loans

We have chosen not to present you with revolving or revolving credits: this type of credit seems excessive to us. The rate is indeed very high (TEG oscillating between 18% and 20%), even if it offers compensations: you can for example not reimburse anything during the first three months, but pay a high price for this advantage.
Do not be trapped by this type of credit, although it allows you almost unconditionally to take out a loan: the rates are exorbitant, and the repayment terms are to your disadvantage.


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