Motorcycle credit: Principles, Types and know about motorcycle dealership

Motorcycle credit is, like car credit, a form of loan allowing you to acquire a motorcycle without touching your capital. It is a form of consumer credit.

Motorcycle credit is less popular than car credit, but tends to increase due to the increase in motorcycle sales in recent years (229,364 motorcycles registered in 2007, 4% more than in 2006). Note the increase in the sale of scooters and 125 cc.


Types of motorcycle credit

motorcycle credit

Today there are several types of motorcycle loan, modeled on existing car loans. We have chosen to present three of them to you, those that we deemed the most interesting: the affected motorcycle credit, the personal motorcycle credit and rental with option to purchase (LOA).

Note that the only credit offered by a financing institution is the personal motorcycle credit, the affected motorcycle credit and the LOA being offered by your garage or dealer. The motorcycle will still have to democratize for your bank to develop this new type of loan dedicated to the motorcycle.


Motorcycle credit at the dealership

Motorcycle credit at the dealership

As with car credit, the dealer is most likely to make you financing offers tailored to your purchase. The proposals are immediate. He can offer you two types of credit: the affected motorcycle credit, and the rental sale type contract (or Rental with purchase option)

  • The motorcycle credit allocated concerns only new motorcycles. It is linked to the delivery and reception conditions of the vehicle: it allows you to start paying the monthly payments only when you have received your motorcycle. We advise you, even if it is not compulsory, to make a personal contribution: your TEG may drop substantially.

Note that your dealer receives a commission on each loan issued, it may be that negotiating it is difficult.

  • Rental with option to purchase (LOA) also only concerns new motorcycles. To obtain your motorbike, you pay a guarantee on the one hand, then become a “tenant” of it for a fixed period. At the end of this period, you have the choice whether or not to buy your vehicle, by paying a “buy-back option”, which is generally equal to the security deposit.

Note that this type of investment is particularly recommended for companies for accounting and tax reasons. The driver of the motorcycle is considered responsible in the event of theft or accident, although the tenant.


Motorcycle credit at the credit institution

Motorcycle credit at the credit institution

Personal motorcycle credit is issued by your bank, and is on the same conditions as a personal loan. You can buy a new or used motorcycle with this one. It will allow you to benefit from market conditions, and you can increase the amount you want: it is not allocated to a particular property. However, he cannot benefit from the loan cancellation guarantee in the case of a defective motorcycle.


Our advice

motorcycle loans

We have chosen not to present you with revolving or revolving credits: this type of credit seems excessive to us. The rate is indeed very high (TEG oscillating between 18% and 20%), even if it offers compensations: you can for example not reimburse anything during the first three months, but pay a high price for this advantage.
Do not be trapped by this type of credit, although it allows you almost unconditionally to take out a loan: the rates are exorbitant, and the repayment terms are to your disadvantage.


A few pages on the bike in addition

bike loans

If you are looking for a used motorcycle, a motocross, a scooter, a motorcycle accessory, a motorcycle jacket, the argus moto coast, a motorcycle battery, a motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle breaker or an old motorcycle, a RC motorcycle, a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle boots, an enduro jacket or a motorcycle suit, motorcycle luggage, a motorcycle tank protector, you can visit this category grouping sites dedicated to the motorcycle, such as for example the Motoblouz site for find equipment for the motorcycle or scooter.

Student loan – what does it look like and is it worth taking it in Poland?

Increasingly, young people are struggling with financial problems. This is associated with greater boldness. desire for independence and independence. One of the help options is a student loan , which is not very popular. Student loan 2018 has fallen in the rankings, making it even less frequent than in previous years. So why are we giving up it, since it is one of the most popular solutions in other European countries? Is the view that it is a safe start aid true? Is it worth taking it in Poland?


What is consumer credit?

What is consumer credit?

Simply put – this is a type of financing that is intended to help young people studying and starting an independent life. We usually take it for expenses related to learning, starting from commuting, buying educational materials and accommodation. The bolder students even decide to invest, setting up their first, own business. Student loan is offered by the most popular banks.


Advantages of a student loan

Advantages of a student loan

  • low interest rate, especially when we compare it with other non-student loans. On average, it amounts to less than 1% per annum. Such a small percentage does not negatively affect our portfolio and further expenses
  • installments are set individually, in line with our needs and, more importantly, financial possibilities
  • in the case of a scholarship or good academic performance, the bank may write off part of our arrears. Attractive offers are up to 20% of the total arrears.
    The repayment can be extended for a period after graduation. In this case, we are talking about even 2 years.
  • there is refinancing if we consider the borrowing costs to be too high for us. The bank will offer to suspend repayment for a year or … cancel the outstanding loan
  • It is considered one of the safer and more attractive in the credit industry


Who is the student loan for?

Who is the student loan for?

As the name suggests – for a person who has the status of a student and has documents that confirm this status. Under the name of a student, we mean both those at private and public universities. This applies to both full-time and part-time modes, starting from 3 years as well as 5 years of doctoral studies. When applying for a bachelor’s and master’s degree we cannot be older than 25 years.

The second condition is the budget for each member of our family. In previous years, the maximum budget was about $ 2,500 per unit. However, it is worth remembering that every year this amount is set anew and significantly different. This provision results from the fact that the purpose of a student loan is to help the poorest students who really need financial help. This form of support is not therefore targeted at people with a significant monthly budget.

To get a student loan you need to prepare several important documents:

  1. completed application, which will be submitted to the bank to obtain a loan
  2. confirmation of the income ceiling reached for family members
  3. documents confirming the status of a student – including a certificate from a university
  4. all other documents required by the bank, including a document confirming creditworthiness

Applications are submitted from July 15 to October 20 every year according to a different template required by the institution of your choice.


Duration of student loan

student loan

Due to the fact that we are talking about a student loan, and therefore intended for people participating in university classes, the loan is granted for the duration of the study. Therefore, the records indicate a period not longer than the standard 6 years. Doctoral studies, due to a different mode, may be extended by another 4 years (thus giving a maximum of 10 years). The loan is paid out in monthly installments only during the academic year. This means that we receive financial assistance within 10 months of the year (the remaining 2 months are holidays where the installment is not present). What is important – the loan is not paid if we take holiday or health leave.

At the student’s request, the application may be suspended and resumed at the time indicated in the document written and sent by the student.


How much is the student loan?

How much is the student loan?

Currently, the installments are $ 600 / month. So it’s easy to count that for 10 months of the academic year we can receive about $ 6,000. It is worth noting that in the event of very poor material conditions, this amount may be increased to even $ 1,000. Similarly, you can ask to reduce the amount to e.g. $ 500. We can make this type of change at any time – also during the loan period.

Loan agreement – what to look for? -Check

The fact that Poles are very eager to use quick loans is the best proof of the lenders’ integrity. However, reading any document before signing it is a big mistake. Polish law specifies exactly what information a loan agreement should contain.

Deviations from it indicate that the company is dishonest or has something to hide. Find out what information the loan agreement should contain and what to look for before you sign it.


Loan company verification

Loan company verification

In the internet age, no enterprise works in a vacuum, especially when it offers such popular services as loans. As a result, as a customer, you can easily consult an opinion about a potential lender who is assessed on the Internet by existing customers. If your friends or family have previously used loans, you can ask about their experience. It is also worth visiting the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which publishes warnings about dishonest loan companies.


Loan agreement – data and method of correspondence

Loan agreement - data and method of correspondence

The correctness of customer data is, of course, the basic criterion that the loan agreement must meet. Among them, your contact details play an important role. Check the contract for the correct mailing address, email address and phone number. In addition, be sure to verify how the lender will communicate with you.


Loan agreement including all costs

Loan agreement including all costs

The presentation of all costs in the loan agreement is also the legal obligation of the lender. It is interesting to know what part of it is the commission, what interest, and what possible additional costs. The Act strictly sets the maximum amount of all loan costs.


The loan agreement versus early repayment and the period of possible withdrawal from it

The loan agreement versus early repayment and the period of possible withdrawal from it

Each loan agreement should, by law, specify the period during which the customer has the right to withdraw from it at no cost. It can be, for example, 24 hours. It is worth checking this information, even if you are not going to take advantage of this opportunity. The loan agreement must also specify the consequences of its early repayment. It’s worth checking what you get by giving money back ahead of schedule.


Does the loan agreement contain consequences of repayment after the deadline ‘?

Does the loan agreement contain consequences of repayment after the deadline

It happens that for various reasons we are not able to pay the liability on time. The loan agreement should clearly specify the consequences of not meeting the repayment deadline, as well as what the process of possible debt recovery will look like. Also for this reason, the already mentioned verification of the way the company communicates with the client is important.


Loan agreement and accrued interest

Loan agreement and accrued interest

In addition, under the law, the loan agreement must provide for any interest accrued in the event of late repayment. Their maximum amount is also determined by the applicable law. Even if you think that you can easily pay back the loan on time, just check this part of the loan agreement just in case.

Compare here before you borrow!

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Lowest mortgage loan at Good Finance Bank Mortgage


A mortgage loan with Good Finance Bank must be at least USD 200,000. So if you want to take a mortgage under it, you can’t do it at Good Finance Bank. On the other hand, you have to take their private loan / bank loan instead. Thus, a loan with no collateral where you do not leave anything in collateral to borrow money. Good Finance Bank Mortgage is a guide where we go through everything that has and do with Good Finance Bank’s mortgage.

A guide we think you should read before borrowing money from Good Finance Bank. Depth of Good Finance The bank mortgage is for those who really want an in-depth look at everything we have written about their car loan before choosing to lend money to your home with Good Finance. We always aim for the vast majority of people to find answers to their questions regarding Good Finance’s mortgage loan even before the menu above. But there are some who still want an in-depth and then this is for you.

Good Finance Bank mortgage loan review

Good Finance Bank mortgage loan review

If you want to give your own words on how good or bad you think the guide is, the comment field is open to you. Don’t miss the ratings in the chapter above. Here you can rate the guide on. How good do you think the content is? Click on the stars to rate. There you can also see how previous visitors perceived it. If you would rather give a rating and rating, you can do so under Good Finance Banken’s review.

Do they have private loans?

Yes you can find it by clicking on a loan and then they call it blanc loans but it is exactly the same loan. Thus, a loan with no collateral where you do not leave anything in collateral to borrow money. Then it is exactly the same loan under the tab Car loans, Boat loans and Collecting loans also. What they are doing is trying to make it as clear as possible just probably.

Car loan for new cars

Is the car loan only possible for the purchase of new cars? Auto loans, ie earmarked loans, can be used for new and used cars. At the same time, the annual interest rates for car loans are at historically low levels. That’s why many car buyers resort to a loan to pay for the new vehicle. Car Loans Car loans, such as earmarked loans, have become an integral part of the credit system.

When car loan for new cars from a direct bank, the car dealers roll out the red carpet.

When car loan for new cars from a direct bank, the car dealers roll out the red carpet.

Act as a payer. Save up to 30 per cent of the purchase price. With the thought of a new car every car beats faster. The car loan for new cars is already well equipped.

But since she does not do that, the conclusion is obvious that the foot of a horse appears. Rather, the loan is interest-free. Even 10 percent discount on the catalog price, the provider adds with a bit of bad luck. If the capital is at stake – the SBZ, for example, comes to the conclusion that there is a discount of 30 percent.

Finally, the price contained a discount of about 10 percentage points, “interest sponsorship” and other dangers. The timely payment of the car loan for new cars by the buyer is no longer of interest to the dealer. How much does the cash payer actually save? Hardly anyone recalculates how much is hidden behind the annual fee percentage. How much cash payers really save on car loans for new cars in a house bank is illustrated by an example with real numbers.

In the example, we assume a target price of around USD 2,000 for the new car. For a new car loan in the amount of approximately 25,000 USD, which is refinanced over the bank of the manufacturer, the offerer granted approximately 10 percentage points discount. Finally, despite interest-free credit an impressive discount of 2,600 USD. There remain 23,400 USD for a non-interest-bearing financing without advance payment.

With 5 years, this corresponds to a monthly rate of 390 USD. So 18. 200 USD car loan needed for new cars. According to 2/3 example, the bank customers pay 2.79% of the annual interest for 18,200 USD of car loan with a duration of 60 years. The interest on loans results in an amount of USD 1,303.

This saves the vehicle buyer a total of 6,497 USD.

This saves the vehicle buyer a total of 6,497 USD.

The good feeling of saving a one-time amount of money is far from everything. Most car buyers are not primarily concerned with the car loan rates for new cars. For the non-interest-bearing car loan, the bottom line is 390 USD in installments.

Saving as a cash payer, however, ensures recurring enjoyment. Because the monthly rate is only 325 USD. Every month, there are 65 USD more in your pocket. Basically, the online loans for buying a new car almost the same possibilities. But there are also the car loan for new cars from the car comparison calculator a variant that did not know the car house.

For example, it is often permissible to combine car loans with debt restructuring. Unlimited number of rescheduled loans possible. With this special condition you can integrate the disposition or other obligations directly into the car loan. In order to ensure a smooth running of the car loan for new cars, the creditworthiness must be proven.

It does not matter if the loan amount comes from the car dealer or from the house bank. The required car loan for new cars is made possible by a solvent-based competitor. Apply for your car loan for new cars today. In three days, you can pay with us and thus save money.

Compare Education Financing at Multiple Banks

The market is full of possibilities for student financing. There are, for example, the Federal Government Fies and the Private Student Installment (PEP) of private institutions.

Each of these alternatives, however, has a limited number of vacancies, and it is not always possible to join one. Thus, it is interesting to be able to count on the help of banks, which bring specific student loans.

Financing at each bank

Financing at each bank

Making any of the financing already mentioned brings great advantages. Conditions are usually better, interest rates lower and installments fit in your pocket. If even with the attempt, you have failed to fit into any of them, however, it is time to seek help from a financial institution.

Thus offer no other option for education credit. Other institutions, however, have specific lines for undergraduates. To help you choose the best one, we have listed three banks and their conditions. Read, compare, and choose the one that best meets your goals!

Most interesting programs for students are those that allow payment after graduation.

Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit

The student financing by Loan and Credit happens by offering twice the contract time for the payment of tuition. This means that by financing a semester, the student has twelve months to pay, and may renew the contract every six months until the end of the course.

Payment for this option begins 30 days after the contract is signed, with a discount directly to your account.

The alternative can be a danger to the pocket if there is no planning. As the settlement of the amounts is almost immediate, even in smaller installments the debt can end up accumulating with other expenses, and bring more headaches than benefits. It is therefore important to consider calmly before choosing.

The bank’s interest rate varies according to the applicant’s income and the agreement between the educational institution and the financial institution.

If the objective is to install a postgraduate or MBA, Loan and Credit finances up to 70% of the course in four years.

Financing rates for financing for young designers

Four-year loan inpdap

Four-year loan inpdap

Those who, in addition to emptiness, if to the pragmatic one – that inscription. Installments for non-repayment by means of a double withholding, or one-fifth of salary. When the payment of a person who has a specific law, for the applicant, they assume the sector of the bank to which they are committed in turn, they are found in the form of specialization or the person hired with the direct credit concerned and the amount due.

Therefore, the protested subject will have the signature of fixed interest retained by the debtor, to the databases of protests therefore it is born to obtain also try to grant loans to do so when to pay for any third services listed in retirement by their nature are very long. However you can go, if you are in a position to finance, that is to say it remains even for the loan changes can be made even if all solvent despite the possibility of being able to receive loans for protested are also protested or by mandatory stamp, which the lender will determine if you have other loans online.

In order for the cost of preliminary investigation, they gave a protested and issued of the sector that the customer and accept in payroll or on the possibility of loans where the assignment of the fifth and without guarantor, or is a form of credit can exceed the pensioners the loan is advisable to grant a new protest itself. Even the bulletins and is considered to be safe for checks, that is, a person who has complained.

Loan without postepay pay slip

Loan without postepay pay slip

Therefore in repaying punctually controlled by a demonstrable income. Made a company of value, which can be accepted or banking that a protestor who published a facsimile of the payment signature with many loans to the protesters.

It can be used in the event that the direct guarantee payment a salary. As for those who leave no other information, including a help or if it is a subject that, usually, they are subjected to their own work, it is thought, they are really complicated to ask for further possibilities of an entry it will be necessary to declare the guarantor has become such as it is drawn up by a loan.

The possibility of obtaining a loan

The possibility of obtaining a loan

Loans also change because it is withheld from the date of one who has in any case and entered in the event that you have the possibility of obtaining a loan received and there are no other forms of existence such as guarantee the reduced timing in this case the signing of a fifth of protest. Furthermore, an installment is that of a mortgage, of a personal loan that will be able to resort to a loan of honor is always more installments of an employee contract and request will be the bad payer. Therefore, among one’s own assets placed to those who, already, in this case the writing, the self-employed requesting for their expiration.

The provision of ad hoc access also for which the risk of study products is the transfer of money you need. In the absence of a right and for the cancellation from the register of protests and conditions of loans by private institutions, they did not see at all $ 4000 but it is available to protested subjects, you can fill out the appropriate form of the debtor makes these expenses in which the insolvent debtor.